Environmental Science and Decision Making

Dr. Jacinthe Lacroix and colleagues in panel discussionFederal S&T supports effective environmental public policy- and decision-making. Environment Canada constantly seeks better ways and means to promote key science to governments, legislators and regulators, resource managers, and the private sector.

Strengthening Science-Policy Links: Study Series

The need for robust scientific evidence in policy and decision making and for innovative mechanisms to sustain interaction between science producers and policy/decision makers is well recognized. Such interaction not only improves the uptake and use of research by science users, it also allows the user to inform the research agenda. Linking science with policy/program decisions is not straightforward, however, and challenges must be addressed to maximize information flow between users and science producers.

S&T Liaison has been involved in a number of initiatives aimed at strengthening links between science knowledge and policy/decision making.  The following series highlights these initiatives

Scientific and Technical Newsletters

Wildlife and Landscape Science News

S&T Liaison produces newsletters for informed readers who want to remain current on environmental science findings and activities at Environment Canada.

  • Environmental Science News - This is an information source for professionals with interest in environmental science, policy and management. It offers updates on scientific and technical topics of current interest, including emerging environmental concerns, progress on ongoing concerns, and environmental solutions developing in the lab and the field. Sign up to receive the monthly "ESN Update" - an email roll-up of all the new Environment Science News stories that have been published in the last month.
  • Water Science News - read archived issues
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Research Impact Study Series

Science-Policy Workshop Reports on Water Quality

This workshop series connected key people working on water issues in research, knowledge development, policy development and program delivery. The purpose was to provide a forum for leading scientists to present the latest research to policy makers, to help identify research priorities, and to explore ways of sustaining dialogue between these two groups.

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