Canada’s Emissions Trends (2013)

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This year's Canada's Emissions Trends report continues to demonstrate Canada's commitment to transparency with respect to modeling and analysis of greenhouse gas emissions projections. This is the third annual publication of Canada's Emissions Trends, which provides detailed data on emissions trends by subsector and in-depth analysis of the underlying drivers of emissions over time.
Emissions projections have been updated from last year's report by incorporating the most recent data on energy and macroeconomic projections as well as expectations regarding key electricity and energy production projects. Canada's most recent National Inventory Report, which provides historical GHG data to 2011, is also reflected.
The projections in this year's Canada's Emissions Trends report point to significant progress that has already been achieved through actions taken by consumers, businesses and governments since 2005. Under the "with current measures" scenario, Canada's GHG emissions in 2020 are projected to be 734 megatonnes (Mt). This is 128 Mt less than under a scenario where consumers, businesses and governments had taken no action to reduce emissions since 2005. In addition, both emissions intensity (emissions per dollar of GDP), as well as emissions per capita (tonnes per person) have shown an average annual decline since 1990, a trend that is projected to continue through 2020.

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