Fisheries Act: National Statistics 1999-2000

The Fisheries Act annual report to parliament summarizes the administration and enforcement of fish habitat protection and pollution prevention provisions. The statistics highlight the activities of Environment Canada’s (EC) Environmental Enforcement Program, Environmental Emergencies Program, and Compliance Promotion and Analysis Program. Canada’s freshwater and marine fish species and fish habitat play a critical role in Canada’s economic prosperity and biological diversity. The Fisheries Act contains two key provisions that are applied for the conservation and protection of fish habitat that is essential to sustaining freshwater and marine fish species: - Department of Fisheries and Oceans administers section 35,the key habitat protection provision, prohibiting any work or undertaking that would cause the harmful alteration, disruption or destruction of fish habitat. - EC administers section 36, the key pollution prevention provision, prohibiting the deposit of deleterious substances into waters frequented by fish, unless authorized by regulations under the Fisheries Act or other federal legislation.

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  • Year: 2000
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