Analysis of Current and Historical Water Quality Monitoring Programs and Activities in the Athabasca Oil Sands Area

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Component 2 of the Phase 1 water quality monitoring design is a bibliographic compilation of water-related monitoring programs and activities prior to the implementation of the Integrated Monitoring Plan for the Oil Sands (Environment Canada and Alberta Environment 2011c). It comprises an information table of parameters sampled by the most relevant ongoing and historical programs and activities, annotated abstracts and descriptions of relevant programs and studies, notes on particularly relevant organizations, and maps of monitoring locations and other information, up to July 2011. This document is a bibliographic tool for locating sources of water quality information, providing a general roadmap to "who has measured what, when, and where?". It was not intended to collect or contain data.
The terms of reference included: "current and historical Government of Canada water quality and quantity monitoring programs (such as those of Environment Canada, Pulp and Paper Environmental Effects Monitoring, and Parks Canada Agency), the Province of Alberta and relevant stakeholder monitoring organizations (such as RAMP), and the most relevant University-based studies on surface water quality" (chemical and physical). Current programs (to 2011) were reviewed, inorganic and organic chemical constituents/contaminants were assessed, and toxic compounds identified by several sources were examined. Some analytical challenges and constraints that should be taken into consideration were included.
In addition, a preliminary analysis of the current permit- and regulatory-related surface water quality monitoring in the Lower Athabasca oil sand region being performed by industry was conducted. This analysis was intended to identify the core surface and groundwater water quality parameters and effects-based endpoints that must be monitored by industry to meet licensing/permitting requirements.

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