Ecotoxicological Risk Assessment of Open-Water Sediment Disposal to Support the Management of Freshwater Dredging Projects

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Dredging activities can have a number of potential impacts, such as changes in the hydrological regime and adverse effects on wildlife habitats. Inappropriate management of contaminated sediments may also lead to significant environmental risk. Most dredging projects must therefore undergo an environmental assessment before they are carried out, in order to protect the environment and optimize sediment management. Depending on the degree of contamination, the current management framework includes the use of additional assessment tools to evaluate the ecotoxicological risk associated with contaminated sediments. Hence, the ecotoxicological risk assessment approach presented in this document fine-tunes the analytical process surrounding the assessment of open-water disposal of dredged material and improves the decision-making process. The assessment must answer the following question: "In the context of a specific dredging project, is open-water disposal of dredged sediments acceptable?"

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