Compendium of Canada’s Engagement in International Environmental Agreements (2015)

Many of Canada's domestic environmental objectives need to be advanced through a multitude of international organizations and agreements that address cross-cutting issues, as well as with a variety of partners on a bilateral, regional or multilateral basis.

The Compendium of Canada's Engagement in International Environmental Agreements is a compilation of summaries of international environmental agreements and commitments. It is part of Environment Canada's sustained effort to monitor its international commitments, take stock of progress, and measure and report results.

This sixth edition of the Compendium, updated for January 2015, summarizes Canada's current engagement in 86 international environmental agreements / instruments, including 20 cooperative bilateral agreements, 24 Canada-US agreements, and 42 multilateral agreements. The format has changed for this edition. First, information is presented in individual agreement "fact sheets" rather than collected together in a single large document. Second, it is oriented to enhance internet accessibility in .html and .pdf formats, with hyperlinks for more detailed information on the agreements and Canada's involvement, actions and results achieved.

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  • Author: Government of Canada, Environment Canada
  • Language of Document: Separate English/French
  • Document Type: Fact sheet
  • Size: 21.6 x 28 cm
  • Year: 2015
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