BioKit Activity Guide for Educators

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Developed by the Biosphere, environment museum, the BioKit Activity Guide for Educators offers activities to complete with youth groups before leaving for, and upon returning from, a BioKit outing. Taking part in these introductory and concluding activities will facilitate the participants' understanding of biodiversity; by doing so, they will get the most out of their field experience. The guide can be used with any of the BioKits. It targets adults (teachers, educators, leaders, etc.) accompanying youth groups. The activities are appropriate for participants aged 6 to 12 years.

How to use the BioKit Activity Guide for Educators:

  1. Download and print the BioKit Activity Guide for Educators.
  2. With the group, complete the introductory activity (Web of Life).
  3. For the BioKit outing, print copies of pages 7 and 8 of this guide for each subgroup leader.

Using the BioKits could not be easier!

  • Choose the BioKit that is appropriate for your destination.
  • Download the format of your choice (letter or logbook).
  • Print the BioKit.
  • Gather up your equipment.
  • Go outside!

4. Upon your return from the BioKit outing, complete the Pollinators and me! and Waving my magic wand! activities

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