Summary: Beaufort Regional Coastal Sensitivity Atlas

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Environment Canada and other federal agencies have important roles in terms of environmental emergency prevention, preparedness and response. In the face of increasing economic opportunities in Canada's northern regions, the need to improve our state of preparedness for oil spill-related emergencies is critical. This version of the Beaufort Regional Coastal Sensitivity Atlas is an update of the information provided in the Arctic Environmental Sensitivity Atlas System (2004) and presents an overview of resources that are vulnerable to oil spills. It includes baseline coastal information such as shoreline form, substrate and vegetation type, which is required for operational prioritization and coordination of on-site spill response activities (i.e., SCAT: Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment Technique), as well as sensitive biological resources and sensitive human use resources. The study area includes the coastal area that extends along the mainland from the Yukon/Alaska border at 141°W eastward through the Mackenzie Delta to the Northwest Territories/Nunavut border at 120°W. The area also includes the entire coast of Banks Island to the north of the mainland, and the East and Middle channels of the Mackenzie River Delta north of Inuvik.

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