Environmental Sensitivity Atlas for Lake Ontario's Canadian Shoreline

The Environmental Sensitivity Atlas for Lake Ontario's Canadian Shoreline is a 70 page publication designed for use in response to spills of oil and other hazardous materials. This Atlas will allow Lake Ontario oil spill responders to utilize a standard reference guide; referring to the same symbols to locate and identify key oil spill response criteria. Local resources, shoreline morphology, and boat launch areas are a few of the essential features that can be rapidly identified during a spill. With all the material contained in this Atlas, the time that it takes to develop an oil spill response strategy will be significantly reduced. This increase in the pace of response strategy development will allow responders to respond more rapidly, and in turn, reduce the impact on the Lake Ontario environment.

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  • Author: Environment Canada
  • Language of Document: Separate English/French
  • Document Type: Atlas
  • Pages: 70
  • Year: 1994
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