Monitoring networks and results

Urban, rural and specialized data monitoring, data collections, analysis and archiving.

Services and information

National Air Pollution Surveillance Network

Canada-wide database of criteria air contaminants from the early 1970s to the present.

Canadian Air and Precipitation Monitoring Network

Network designed to study the regional patterns and trends of atmospheric pollutants.

Global Atmospheric Passive Sampling Network

Measurements of persistent organic pollutants and priority chemicals in air.

Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Network

Multi-national, long-term atmospheric and deposition monitoring of persistent organic pollutants.

National Air Pollution Surveillance Program

Monitor and assess the quality of outdoor air in the populated regions of Canada.

Data products

Network and information, annual summaries, download formats.

National Atmospheric Chemistry Database

Data archival and analysis facility, database to enhance atmospheric research.

About monitoring networks and results

Pollutants and chemicals measurements, sources, changes in air quality, regulations, concerns.

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