Bird banding

Report banded birds, permits, Canadian Atlas of Bird Banding, Pan American Shorebird Program.

Photo of bird banding

Services and information

Report banded birds

Recording information, banded pigeons, racing association, other markers.

Apply for a permit

Types of permits, application requirements, master permit, station permit, sub-permit.

Canadian Atlas of Bird Banding

Overview of bird banding results, banding summary, species search, banding history, statistics.

Pan America Shorebird Program

Shorebird marking protocol,coordination of standards.

Data request form

North American bird banding database, data request form.

Resources for banders and researchers

Instructions for permit holders, Code of Ethics, training manuals, reference materials, band sizes.

Frequently asked questions

Band reporting, banded species, neck collars, migration, lifespan, permits outside North America.


About bird banding and contact information.

What we are doing

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