Search the P2 Planning Database

View completed forms: The search returns completed Schedules in response to a P2 Planning Notice for which you have specified specific search criteria. For example, you may ask to see the Declaration of Preparation (Schedule 1) for a particular facility in your community.

Note that the P2 Planning Database does not contain information from excluded forms. See below for more on excluded forms.

Select the criteria by which you would like to perform a search.


Returns a list of substances for which P2 Planning Notices exist.


Returns a list of sectors/activities for Schedules 1, 4 and 5 for which P2 Planning Notices exist.


Allows users to search by city, province, and postal code.


Allows users to search for a facility by the facility name.


Returns a list of P2 Planning Notices that have been published to date.


Allows users to view a Schedule based on the P2 Planning Database number. The P2 Planning Database number is automatically generated for each Schedule entered into the P2 Online Reporting Tool.


This section of the P2 Planning Web site hosts incomplete or inaccurate forms submitted to Environment Canada which cannot be activated into the P2 Planning Database.

Environment Canada requested amendments from facilities who submitted such forms. When amendments have been received with information correctly and completely reported, the form will be removed from this section and activated into the P2 Planning Database.