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Greening procurement

Target 8.10: As of April 1, 2011, each department will establish at least three SMART green procurement targets to reduce environmental impacts.

Target 8.11: As of April 1, 2011, each department will establish SMART targets for training, employee performance evaluations, and management processes and controls, as they pertain to procurement decision-making.

Departments are targeting greener procurement of key goods and services, including information technology hardware, paper and vehicles.

The government is a significant purchaser of goods and services, spending billions of dollars annually. Since 2006, the Policy on Green Procurement has required environmental performance considerations to be integrated into federal procurement decision-making processes for all departments, as defined by Section 2 of the Financial Administration Act. This includes all 27 FSDA departments. Targets 8.10 and 8.11 contribute to the overall goal of shrinking the environmental footprint of government operations by requiring specific actions on the part of departments to integrate environmental considerations into their procurement processes.

To meet the requirements of Target 8.10, 20 departments have focused on purchasing environmentally preferable information technology hardware; 14 have highlighted paper procurement; and 13 have directed attention towards vehicle procurement.

Under Target 8.11, departments incorporate environmental performance considerations into procurement decision-making. As part of this target, departments develop implementation strategies related to:

  • Green procurement training for select employees;
  • Inclusion of environmental performance clauses into the performance evaluations; and
  • Integration of environmental considerations into management processes and controls.

Department of National Defence greens its aircraft hydraulic fluids

The Department of National Defence operates many aircraft fleets that utilize hydraulic fluids to function a variety of aircraft systems such as variable pitch propellers, landing gear, brakes, rescue hoists, cargo doors and flight control systems. As part of its commitment to green procurement, the Department is planning to switch to an environmentally-preferable hydraulic fluid for 13 of its aircraft fleets by March 31, 2014. The Department is planning to explore a means to extend this initiative to the remaining fleets that are owned, operated and/or maintained under various service contracts.

Procurement personnel (26 departments), materiel managers (19 departments) and acquisition cardholders (13 departments) are the major target groups for training. Twenty-three departments use existing government green procurement training courses as their source of training, while others tailor in-house training. Eight departments have already achieved 100% training of their targeted personnel, while 13 others have trained over 50% of their key procurement staff. Departments have targeted key management processes and controls in which to integrate environmental considerations, including various policies, guidelines, standards, training, financial systems, procurement strategies, and the procurement planning, procurement management and business planning processes.

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