Canada’s Ongoing Commitment to Climate Change Adaptation

Helping Canadians adapt to the challenges posed by climate change is important. Making adjustments in our decisions, activities, and thinking because of observed or expected changes in climate is essential if we want to manage the risks associated with a changing climate. By making informed decisions, we will be able to avoid certain costs associated with climate change.

The Government renewed domestic climate change adaptation funding in 2011 with a $148.8 million contribution over five years. This funding will continue and expand federal programs across nine departments and agencies, designed to improve our understanding of climate change and to help Canadians prepare for climate-related impacts, including:

  • $29.84 million for Environment Canada’s Climate Change Prediction and Scenarios Program
  • $16.55 million for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans’ Aquatic Climate Change Adaptation Services Program
  • $2.41 million for Parks Canada towards Understanding Climate-Driven Ecological Changes in Canada’s North
  • $8.5 million for Health Canada’s Heat Alert and Response Systems
  • $10 million for Health Canada’s Climate Change and Health Adaptation for Northern First Nations and Inuit Communities
  • $12 million to the Public Health Agency of Canada for Preventative Public Health Systems and Adaptation to a Changing Climate
  • $20.02 million for Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada’s Climate Adaptation and Resilience Program for Aboriginals and Northerners
  • $3.5 million for Industry Canada and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, for Integrating Adaptation into Codes and Standards for Northern Infrastructure
  • $35 million for Natural Resources Canada towards Enhancing Competitiveness in a Changing Climate
  • $10.99 million for Transport Canada’s Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative

Prior to this in 2007, the Government of Canada made a four-year investment of $85.9 million for climate change adaptation measures. This funding encouraged and supported provinces, territories, municipalities, and professional organizations to take action to adapt to climate change. It also laid a strong foundation through increased knowledge, regional capacity building, and risk management tools for planners and engineers. It was also a first step towards addressing the urgent risks in the North, such as infrastructure, and human health. 

The Government’s Federal Adaptation Policy Framework will help us take account of climate risks as we make decisions on a wide range of programs and activities that support the well-being of Canadians. It will help bring climate change issues into the mainstream of federal decision-making and help guide federal priorities to address climate risks in the future. 

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