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2014-2015 - Annual Report to Parliament - Privacy Act

Complaints, Audits, Investigations and Appeals

Applicants have the right to register a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding any matter relating to the processing of a request. 

During the 2014–2015 reporting period, there were no complaints filed against Environment Canada with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. No complaints were carried over from the previous reporting period.

The department reviews the outcomes of all of the Privacy Commissioner investigations and where appropriate, incorporates lessons learned into business processes.

There were no recommendations raised by other Agents of Parliament during the reporting period.



In 2014-2015, the ATIP Division participated in an Environment Canada, Audit and Evaluation Branch, review and benchmarking of privacy management. It is anticipated that this review will be completed in early 2015-2016.


Application/Appeals to the Federal Court or Federal Court of Appeal

There were no applications or appeals to the Federal Court or Federal Court of Appeal under the Privacy Act during the 2014–2015 reporting period.

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