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2011-2012 - Annual Report to Parliament - Access to Information Act

Specific Delegation Notes


Section 9.00 – Designation Order

The purpose of this Section is to establish the framework for managing the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. The Minister of Environment Canada pursuant to Section 73 of the Privacy Act and Section 73 of the Access to Information Act, hereby designates that persons holding the positions set out below to exercise the powers to perform the duties and functions of the Minister, as head of a government institution, under the sections of the Act specified opposite each position.

PositionPrivacy Act SectionAccess to Information Act Section
Level 1All sectionsAll sections
Level 6All sectionsAll sections
Director, Corporate SecretariatAll sectionsAll sections
Manager, ATIP SecretariatAll sectionsAll sections
Chief, ATIP Secretariat157(a), 8, 9, 11, 27


Section 9.02 – Section 73 of the Access to Information Act

The powers, duties and functions that may be delegated under Section 73 of the Access to Information Act are set out below, in relation to its various sections and subsections.

7(a)Respond to request for access, give access or give notice
8(1)Transfer to institution with greater interest
9Extension of time limits
11Assess fees
12(2)(b)Translate a record
12(3)Provide access in an Alternative Format
13(1)Apply exemption – Information obtained in confidence from other governments
14Apply exemption – Federal-Provincial Affairs
15Apply exemption – International affairs and defence
16Apply exemption – Law enforcement and investigation
17Apply exemption – Safety of individuals
18Apply exemption – Economic interests of Canada
19(1)Apply exemption – Personal information
19(2)Disclose personal information
20Apply exemption – Third party information
22Apply exemption – Testing procedures
23Apply exemption – Solicitor/client privilege
27Give notice to third parties
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