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2010/2011 Report on Plans and Priorities

Departmental Planned Spending and Full-time Equivalents
 Program Activities
($ millions)
1.1 Biodiversity Wildlife and Habitat81.0105.6106.3104.5
1.2 Water Resources120.6121.6113.2107.3
1.3 Sustainable Ecosystems56.467.961.147.7
1.4 Compliance Promotion and Enforcement-Wildlife12.819.118.818.6
2.1 Weather and Environmental Service for Canadians137.2170.7158.8157.4
2.2 Weather and Environmental Services for Targeted Users66.463.563.061.5
3.1 Substances and Waste Management112.9123.071.269.9
3.2 Climate Change and Clean Air160.9242.092.176.0
3.3 Compliance Promotion and Enforcement - Pollution31.741.240.639.3
5.1 Internal Services283.7209.6198.6194.7
Budgetary Main Estimates (gross)1,063.61,164.1923.6877.0
Less: Respendable Revenue(71.1)(70.1)(68.6)(67.8)
Total Main Estimates992.51,094.0854.9809.1
To 2009-2010 through Environment Canada's Supplementary Estimates     
AFunding for continued development, monitoring and reporting on priority environmental indicators (Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators initiative) (horizontal item)6.2   
Funding to support actions on the regulation in Canada of renewable fuels content in gasoline, diesel and home heating fuels (horizontal item)3.4   
Funding for capital investments related to life cycle maintenance and enforcement capacity2.0   
Funding to support Biosphere Reserves in Canada and the Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association1.0   
Funding to support continuing negotiations of comprehensive land claims and First Nations' self-government in British Columbia (horizontal item)0.4   
Funding for enhancing federal public service student employment (horizontal item)0.7   
Public Opinion Research(0.5)   
Transfer from Transport – For the development and implementation of regulations related to carbon dioxide emissions from motor vehicles under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 19993.3   
Transfer from National Defence – For investments in search and rescue coordination initiatives across Canada0.3   
Transfer from Indian Affairs and Northern Development – Funding to support the implementation of the new Arctic Research Infrastructure Fund0.3   
BAdditional actions to implement the Clean Air Regulatory Agenda (CARA II) (horizontal item)27.0   
Funding to support the modernization of federal laboratories (Budget 2009)6.4   
Funding to promote energy development in Canada’s North through investments in the Mackenzie Gas Project (MGP) (horizontal item)5.8   
Actions to implement the Canada-U.S. Clean Energy Dialogue3.3   
Funding for Meteorological Service of Canada high priority projects2.8   
Reinvestment of Royalties from Intellectual Property0.5   
Funding related to the assessment, management and remediation of  federal contaminated sites (horizontal item)0.2   
Funding for Environmental Damages Fund0.2   
Funding for the remission to Cape Jourimain Nature Centre Inc. of rental fees related to the Cape Jourimain Nature Centrre located on Crown Lands administred by Environment Canada0.0   
Funding related to the assessment, management and remediation of federal contaminated sites(8.1)   
Transfer from Indian Affairs and Northern Development – To support research activities during the International Polar Year0.6   
Transfer from Fisheries and Oceans – To support Aboriginal involvement in activities intended to protect terrestrial species at risk under the Species at Risk Act0.4   
Transfer to Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat – To support the activities of the three national employment equity councils(0.0)   
Transfer to Fisheries and Oceans – For investments in search and rescue coordination initiatives across Canada(0.2)   
To provide support to departmental staff located at missions abroad(0.4)   
Transfer to Fisheries and Oceans – To continue the environmental restoration of key aquatic areas of concern identified under Canada-US Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement(0.4)   
Transfer to Natural Resources – Actions to implement the Canada-U.S. Clean Energy Dialogue(0.8)   
Transfer from Environment Canada to Finance – Toronto Waterfront Revitilization Initiative 08/09 Carryforward (0.5)   
CReprofile – Freshwater (Great Lakes, Lake Simcoe, Lake Winnipeg) [includes O&M reprofiling](11.9)(7.1)(2.7)1.5
Reprofile – Sustainable Development Technology Canada(12.5)   
Reprofile – CARA – Vehicle Scrappage(7.2)   
Transfer to Parks Canada – Contaminated Sites(0.5)   
Student Salaries – HR0.1   
 Total Supplementary Estimates21.9(7.1)(2.7)1.5
To 2009-2010 through adjustments to Environment Canada's budget    
Carryforward; Collective Agreements; TB Vote 35 (MGP)
Other Technical adjustments(10.2)2.2  
Net Adjustments66.
Total Planned Spending1,080.81,094.3857.8816.2
Less: Non-respendable revenue(11.9)(11.9)(11.7)(11.8)
Net cost of Program1,068.91,082.4846.1804.4
Full-time Equivalents6,9056,9736,1985,913

Total may differ within and between tables due to the rounding of figures

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