Privacy Act

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Organizational Structure

Environment Canada's programs are organized around five major activities: sustainable environment; weather and environmental services; environmental protection; sustainable development of the Mackenzie Gas resources; and finally, providing internal services within the Department.

The Director General of the Corporate Secretariat is Environment Canada's Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator, and has delegated authority on all matters concerning Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP). The ATIP Secretariat, which is a part of the Corporate Secretariat, is the central coordinating body for all requests received by Environment Canada under the Privacy Act and the Access to Information Act.

Capacity Development

In 2009–2010, Environment Canada implemented an Access to Information and Privacy Professional Development Program. Four analysts were hired in the initial recruitment. A second round of recruitment for this program was started during the 2010–2011 fiscal year. The program aims to train employees over a period of three to five years through a combination of competency based training, professional development training, and work assignments. Candidates enter the program at the PM–01 and PM–02 level and will graduate as Senior ATIP Advisors at the PM–04 level.

The Professional Development Program will improve the long-term sustainability of the ATIP Secretariat and address the shortage of trained ATIP staff. In addition to allowing the Secretariat to handle increasing workloads, it will facilitate succession planning through the transferral of corporate memory and encourage staff to remain with the Department for a longer period of time.

Environment Canada's ATIP Secretariat also engaged in a number of staffing activities throughout the year in an effort to improve the Department's capacity in the face of increasing workloads. The ATIP Secretariat supplemented its staff by hiring consultants.

Environment Canada remains committed to recruiting, training and maintaining a workforce that possesses specialized skills and that will continue to provide the best possible service to both internal and external clients.

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