Success Stories

Community groups across Canada have taken action to improve their local environment and have achieved positive and sustainable results. Read about their successes and get inspired to take action in your own community!

From Little Acorns, a Carolinian Forest Grows

Machine-planted treesNiagara students visiting the Carolinian forest didn’t just learn about forest ecology--instead they pulled up their sleeves and learned how to properly plant trees from seedlings and acorns. They also planted wildflower seeds. The result was 62,500 native trees and 12,000 wildflowers. More

Hospitals Healing the Environment

Hospital pipesHospitals are among the most energy-intensive buildings in Canadian communities. In fact, some Ontario hospitals are so large they have the population of a small town! More

Home Sweet Home Goes Green

People watching a demonstrationMove over design shows! Today’s savvy do-it-yourselfers and homeowners want to know how to green their home – and not just how to make it look pretty.  It’s all part of a ‘build smart’ movement that has Canadians hungry for ways to make homes and workplaces more energy efficient and healthier.   More

If a Native Tree Falls in the Forest, Will Anybody Hear?

Children working in forestDecades ago, loggers cleared patches of land running through the centre of British Colombia’s Galiano Island and replaced the native trees with lucrative Douglas fir plantations. Today, these mature stands have a dense canopy that starves the understory of light and robs the soil of nutrients. The monoculture has also cut off the native forest corridor because the soil simply cannot support native plants. More

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