Energy production

Fossil fuels, electricity, renewable energy, nuclear power, hydro power.

Services and information

Fossil fuels

Natural gas, coal, source of pollutants, environmental and economic concerns, clean fuels.

Fuel regulations

Regulations, guidance documents, reporting forms.

Electricity generation

Electricity sources, emissions, impacts on water and biodiversity, power stations.

Hydro power

Renewable, low-emission, hydro power reservoirs, greenhouse gases, climate change.

Environmental impacts of hydro power

Hydropower, methane, environmental effects, ecosystems, fish species, reservoirs.

Nuclear power

Nuclear energy, Point Lepreau Nuclear Power Station.

Renewable energy

Energy resources, practices, electricity, liquid bio-fuels, clean air, environmental impacts.

Renewable fuels

Bio-based fuels, petroleum-based fuels, common use, emissions reduction, regulations.

What we are doing

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