Priority Substances Assessment Program

The Second Priority Susbtances List under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA)

Executive Summary of the Report of the Ministers' Expert Advisory Panel on the Second Priority Substances List (October 1995)

The Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) instructs the federal Ministers of Environment and Health to develop a list of substances that should be given priority for assessment to determine whether they are "toxic" as defined under the Act. The Ministers may recommend controls for those substances that are found "CEPA toxic". Management strategies for such substances are developed through a Strategic Options Process in consultation with stakeholders.

Assessments for substances on the first Priority Substances List (PSL1) were completed by February 1994. Environment Canada and Health Canada developed a consultation document that proposed a means of identifying additional substances for assessment. That report was distributed to stakeholders for comments, and a second report, issued in May 1994, responded to stakeholder concerns and elaborated on the proposed process.

In December 1994, the Ministers named an Expert Advisory Panel to recommend a new set of substances for the Second Priority Substances List (PSL2).

The Panel worked from the criteria proposed in the consultation document, and set out a series of general principles to assist in its review of candidate substances. The Panel began its deliberations by looking at about 600 substances. Later, it narrowed its focus to some 200 substances, including nominations received from its own members and members of the public.

In developing its recommendations, the Panel sought and received input from stakeholders; reviewed and discussed available data; and exercised its professional judgment, guided by the criteria and general principles noted above.

The Panel is recommending 25 substances for PSL2. The rationale for their selection, and additional recommendations flowing from the Panel's deliberations are contained in the body of the report. The Panel also identified other substances it believed should be of special concern to the Ministers. These substances and the Panel's concerns are noted in the report.

The Ministers' Expert Advisory Panel recommends the following 25 substances for the PSL2. Descriptions of these substances and the rationales for their selection are contained in the body of the Panel's report.

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