Grants and contributions service standards

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) offers funding through various Grants and Contributions programs.

ECCC has developed Grants and Contributions service standards to publicly state the level of performance that clients can reasonably expect to encounter under normal circumstances.

These external service standards for Grants and Contributions are published to demonstrate ECCC’s commitment to transparent management, accountability for results and citizen-focused service delivery.

Performance against these service standards will be tracked, and the results will be made available annually.

Service standard results
Type of servicesResultsTarget Result2015/16
Actual Result
Actual Result
Acknowledge Recipient of ApplicationFor ECCC’s application-based funding programs, ECCC will acknowledge the receipt of a completed and signed application package within five (5) working days of the application deadline.*100%100%blank
Communicate Funding DecisionECCC will send a letter to successful funding recipients within five (5) working days of ECCC making the final funding decision.100%100%blank
Provide Contribution AgreementECCC will provide the funding recipients with the final contribution agreement for the recipient’s signature within 15 working days of successful negotiation of the contribution agreement.*100%96%blank

* Results based on sample data.

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