Reporting to the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Program

Under the authority of the Section 46 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999), operators of facilities that meet the criteria specified in the annual notice with respect to reporting of greenhouse gases, published in the Canada Gazette, are required to report facility greenhouse gas emissions to Environment Canada by the annual June 1st reporting deadline.

The Notice with respect to reporting of greenhouse gases (GHGs) for 2013, which requires the reporting of 2013 GHG emissions data, was published in the Canada Gazette Part I on November 2, 2013. Companies that reported their facility emissions in the previous year must inform Environment Canada if their facility(ies) does not meet the current year reporting criteria.

Changes made to the GHG reporting requirements through this 2013 notice include:

  • The incorporation of updated global warming potentials; and
  • A requirement to provide latitude and longitude information

New! Environment Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Program is now accepting GHG reports for the 2013 calendar year via Environment Canada’s Single Window system. To access the Single Window system, please go to

Environment Canada’s Single Window (SW) system consists of a central web tool called the Single Window Information Manager or SWIM, where reporters can manage organizational information and which connects to a series of reporting modules that support various partner programs, including Environment Canada’s GHG Emissions Reporting Program (GHGRP). The Government of Canada GCKey Service or Sign-In Partners is used to log into the SW System. Provincial partners using this system for GHG reporting include Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

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Previous years' reporting requirements can be found under GHGRP Notices - Canada Gazette, Part I. Three key changes that were made to federal reporting requirements in previous years (starting with 2009 data) included:

  • a reduction of the reporting threshold from 100 000 to 50 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2 eq.);
  • the disaggregation of the reporting category Venting and Flaring Emissions to two separate categories, Venting Emissions and Flaring Emissions; and
  • the disaggregation of the reporting category Waste and Wastewater Emissions to two separate categories, Waste Emissions and Wastewater Emissions.

The following links provide guidance for reporting to the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Program:

  • Instructions for using Environment Canada's Single Window System (updated March 12, 2014) - This document provides step by step instructions on how to report your greenhouse gas information using the Single Window System.
  • Technical Guidance on Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions (updated version posted on November 4, 2013) - This document contains a comprehensive overview of the reporting requirements, including guidance for potential reporters to help determine if they are required to submit a report, the greenhouse gases and emission sources subject to reporting, along with information on methods for calculating emissions and the required reporting format.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Quantification Guidance - Access sector-specific guidance manuals, national emission factors, global warming potentials, conversion factors and electricity intensity tables.

GHGRP Notices - Canada Gazette, Part I

Under Environment Canada's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Program, a notice is published every year in Part I of the Canada Gazette, outlining the GHG reporting requirements for the corresponding calendar year.

Notice with respect to reporting of greenhouse gases
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