Funding Opportunities

Looking for funding for your project? Here are links to funding programs that consider projects in the Great Lakes region.

Environment Canada Funding Programs

  • Great Lakes Sustainability Fund - The Great Lakes Sustainability Fund was established to work in partnership with other agencies and local community stakeholders to advance Remedial Action Plans (RAP) that have been developed for each of Canada’s remaining “Areas of Concern” located within the Great Lakes Basin.
  • Lake Simcoe Cleanup Fund - Provides financial and technical support to implement high-impact, priority projects to reduce phosphorus inputs, rehabilitate habitats to achieve nutrient reductions, restore the cold-water fishery in Lake Simcoe, and enhance research and monitoring capacity deemed essential for the restoration of Lake Simcoe and its watershed. 
  • Environment Canada's (EC) Community Action Programs for the Environment - EC's Community Action Programs for the Environment are a suite of funding programs that support Canadians’ efforts to preserve and enhance the environment.
  • Green Source Funding Database - EC’s Green Source Funding database is designed to help Canadian communities identify sources and resources to fund environmental projects that protect our environment.
  • Habitat Stewardship Program (for species at risk) - The overall goal of the Habitat Stewardship Program is to "contribute to the recovery of endangered, threatened, and other species at risk, and to prevent other species from becoming a conservation concern, by engaging Canadians from all walks of life in conservation actions to benefit wildlife."
  • Aboriginal Funds for Species at Risk - The Aboriginal Funds for Species at Risk were established in 2004 as an important element of the implementation of the Species at Risk Act (SARA). Two funds are part of the Aboriginal Funds for Species at Risk: the Aboriginal Capacity Building Fund (ACBF) and the Aboriginal Critical Habitat Protection Fund (ACHPF).
  • Ecological Gifts - Canada’s Ecological Gifts Program provides a way for Canadians with ecologically sensitive land to protect nature and leave a legacy for future generations.
  • EcoAction Community Funding Program - EC's EcoAction Community Funding Program provides financial support to community-based, non-profit organizations for projects that have measurable, positive impacts on the environment.

Government of Canada Funding Programs

Other Funding Programs

  • Green Municipal Fund - The Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Green Municipal Fund offers financial services and resources to Canadian municipal governments to improve environmental performance and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Evergreen Foundation - Evergreen is one of Canada’s leading funders of community and school greening projects.
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