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Annual Reports

The HSP produces an annual report on its activities and accomplishments. The reports for the first four years are available below:

  • Annual Report 2004-2005
  • Annual Report 2003-2004
  • Annual Report 2002-2003
  • Annual Report 2001-2002
  • Annual Report 2000-2001

On-line System

Access to HSP on-line system

Program Contacts

To become involved in the HSP, you must have an eligible project. Contact a regional coordinator to find out whether your organization and project would be a candidate for funding.

For general Environment Canada or Canadian Wildlife Service inquiries, please contact 1-800-668-6767 or”

The call for proposal submissions takes place in the fall.


Atlantic Region

(506) 364-5198

Quebec Region

(418) 649-6313

Ontario Region

(416) 739-4986

Prairie and Northern Region


(204) 984-0863


(306) 780-5322


(306) 780-5322

Northwest Territories

(867) 669-4783


(867) 975-4638

Pacific and Yukon Region

(604) 350-1946