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Consultation Document on the Proposal to Control the Trade of Mercury

DRAFT for discussion

September 2014

1. Introduction

Purpose and scope

The intent of this consultation document is to give interested parties an opportunity to provide input on the proposal to control Canada’s trade in mercury.Footnote1

Specific objectives include:

  • Informing stakeholders of proposed regulatory options; and
  • Seeking stakeholders’ input to the development of the regulatory measures outlined in section 6 of this document.

Consultation process

The Government of Canada is committed to providing Canadians with the opportunity to take part in consultations at all stages of regulatory development. All interested parties may comment on this document by writing--via mail, email or fax--to the coordinates provided in section 9 of this document.

It is expected that potential interested parties may include non-governmental organizations, provincial, territorial and federal government departments, associations, companies and facilities interested or involved in the trade (export or import) or use of mercury.


Footnote 1

For the purpose of this document, mercury includes elemental mercury (CAS 7439-97-6) and mixtures of elemental mercury with other substances, including alloys of mercury, with a mercury concentration of at least 95% by weight.

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1. Introduction
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