Enforcement and Compliance

The Environmental Enforcement Act (EEA) is omnibus legislation that creates new enforcement tools, amends the fine regimes and strengthens the sentencing provisions in nine environmental acts. The combined effect of these measures is to help achieve greater compliance with federal environmental legislation. A more detailed description of the EEA can be found on the Enforcement website.

While the bulk of the EEA came into force on December 10, 2010, the provisions amending the fine regime under CEPA 1999 required an Order in Council (OIC) to bring them into force. That OIC was passed on June 22, 2012.

The passage of the OIC means that the revised fine scheme created by the EEA applies to offences under CEPA 1999. Under the revised fine scheme, certain designated offences will be subject to mandatory minimum fines and higher maximum fine levels.  These offences are designated in the Act itself.

The mandatory minimum fines and higher maximum fine levels also apply to designated offences of regulations that are made pursuant to CEPA 1999. Regulations designating the offences under 25 CEPA regulations that are subject to the revised fine scheme came into effect on June 22, 2012.

A list of the offences designated under each of the 25 CEPA regulations is provided on the page for each regulation in the CEPA Registry website. However should further information be required, please contact the Legislative Governance Division.

Fact Sheets

Canadians expect the Government of Canada to provide laws and regulations in order to protect them and their society, and these laws must be effectively enforced. The Parliament of Canada has ensured that CEPA 1999 will be enforced by stipulating the Government of Canada’s duty of enforcement directly in the Act at paragraph 2(1)(o).

The Role of Enforcement Under CEPA 1999

Principles of CEPA 1999 Enforcement

CEPA 1999 Review Officers

Enforcement Measures

Environmental Protection Alternative Measures (EPAMs)

Environmental Damages Fund

Environmental Damages Fund Evaluation

Prosecutions under CEPA 1999 - Statistical and detailed reports on Environmental Protection Enforcement Activities

Historical records on enforcement actions are available in the CEPA Annual Reports Archives. Recent enforcement actions are available via the Enforcement Notifications. To obtain more information and/or provide comments contact:

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