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Export of substances on the Export Control List for 2007, pursuant to section 103 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999

Substances on the Export Control ListExporterCountry of destination
Bromotrifluoromethane (Halon 1301)Control Fire Systems LimitedUnited States of America
Bromotrifluoromethane (Halon 1301)General Dynamics Land Systems CanadaUnited States of America, Saudi Arabia
Bromotrifluoromethane (Halon 1301)Linde Canada Limited (Protocol Resource Management Inc.)United States of America
Bromotrifluoromethane (Halon 1301)Superior Safety Inc.United States of America
Bromotrifluoromethane (Halon 1301)Vipond Fire Protection Inc.United States of America, Israel
ChlorofluorocarbonsFielding Chemical Technologies Inc.United States of America
ChlorofluorocarbonsLinde Canada Limited (Protocol Resource Management Inc.)United States of America
ChlorofluorocarbonsRefrigerant Services Inc.United States of America
Ethylene dichlorideDow Chemical Canada Inc.Japan
Ethylene oxideDow Chemical Canada Inc.United States of America
Ethylene oxideBASFUnited States of America
Mercury compoundsGeneral Electric CanadaUnited States of America
Mercury compoundsBASFUnited States of America
Mercury compounds, including inorganic mercury compounds, alkyl mercury compounds and alkyloxyalkyl and aryl mercury compoundsTeck Metals Ltd.United States of America
Tributyltetradecylphosphonium chloride (TTPC)Cytec Canada Inc.United States of America, United Kingdom
Carbon TetrachlorideBASFUnited States of America
HexachlorobenzeneBASFUnited States of America
Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB)BASFUnited States of America, Mexico


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