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ARCHIVED - Off-Road Compression-Ignition Engine Emission Regulations

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Discussion Draft - subject to review


2. The purpose of these Regulations is to

  • (a) reduce emissions of hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen, particulate matter and carbon monoxide from engines by establishing emission limits for those substances or combinations of those substances;

  • (b) reduce emissions of the toxic substances formaldehyde, 1,3 butadiene, acetaldehyde, acrolein and benzene through the establishment of emission limits for hydrocarbons from engines; and

  • (c) establish emission standards and test procedures for engines that are aligned with those of the EPA.


3. These Regulations apply to engines of the 2006 and later model years.


4. (1) A year that is used by a manufacturer of an engine as a model year shall

  • (a) if the period of production of a model of engine does not include January 1 of a calendar year, correspond to the calendar year during which the period of production falls; or

  • (b) if the period of production of a model of engine includes January 1 of a calendar year, correspond to that calendar year.

(2) The period of production of a model of engine shall include only one January 1.


5. (1) Subject to subsection (2), the off-road engines that are prescribed for the purposes of the definition "engine" in section 149 of the Act are those that operate as reciprocating, internal-combustion engines and that are not spark-ignition engines within the meaning of the CFR.

(2) The engines referred to in subsection (1) do not include engines that are

  • (a) designed exclusively for competition and with characteristics, and features that are not easily removed, that render their use other than in competition unsafe, impractical or unlikely;

  • (b) regulated by the On-Road Vehicle and Engine Emission Regulations;

  • (c) designed to be used exclusively in underground mines;

  • (d) designed to have a per-cylinder displacement of less than 50 cubic centimetres;

  • (e) designed to be used in machines designed for use in military combat or combat support; and

  • (f) being exported and that are accompanied by written evidence establishing that they will not be sold or used in Canada.

(3) For the purpose of section 152 of the Act, the prescribed engines are those referred to in subsection (1) that are manufactured in Canada, except any engine that will be used in Canada solely for purposes of exhibition, demonstration, evaluation or testing.

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