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ARCHIVED - Off-Road Compression-Ignition Engine Emission Regulations

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Discussion Draft - subject to review


8. (1) An emission control system that is installed on an engine to enable it to conform to the standards set out in these Regulations shall not

  • (a) release, in its operation or function, a substance that causes air pollution and that would not have been released if the system were not installed; or

  • (b) in its operation, function or malfunction, make the engine or the machine in which the engine is installed unsafe, or endanger persons or property near the engine or machine.

(2) No engine shall be equipped with a defeat device as defined in paragraph 107(b), subpart B, of the CFR.

9. (1) Subject to sections 11 to 13, an engine shall conform to the exhaust, crankcase and smoke emission standards set out in paragraph 104(a) and sections 112, 113 and 120 of subpart B, of the CFR that are applicable to engines of the same model year.

(2) The standards referred to in subsection (1) include the test procedures, fuels and calculation methods set out in the CFR for those standards.

10. (1) In this section, "adjustable parameter" means a device, system or element of design that is physically capable of being adjusted to affect emissions or engine performance during emission testing or normal in-use operation, but does not include devices, systems or elements of design that are permanently sealed by the engine manufacturer or that are inaccessible with the use of ordinary tools.

(2) Engines equipped with adjustable parameters must comply with the applicable standards under these Regulations for any specification within the physically available range.


11. (1) In this section, "replacement engine" means an engine manufactured exclusively to replace an engine in a machine for which no current model year engine with the physical or performance characteristics necessary for the operation of the machine exists.

(2) A replacement engine may conform to, instead of the standards set out in section 9,

  • (a) in the case where a replacement engine of a model year later than the original engine and with the physical or performance characteristics necessary for the operation of the machine exists, the exhaust emission standards applicable to an engine of a later model year than the original engine or, if there were none, to the manufacturer's specifications; and

  • (b) in any other case, the exhaust emission standards applicable to the original engine or, if there were no such standards, the manufacturer's specifications.

(3) In the case of a replacement engine, a label shall be permanently applied immediately next to the national emissions mark or, if there is no national emissions mark, in a location described in subsection 7(3) and shall be resistant to or protected against any weather conditions.

(4) The label referred to in subsection (3) shall set out, in both official languages, that the engine is a replacement engine.

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