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Virtual Elimination List (SOR/2006-298)

This initiative adds Hexachlorobutadiene (HCBD) to the Virtual Elimination List (the "VE List") with a level of quantification in chlorinated solvents of 0.06 ng/mL.

Subsection 65(2) of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999) mandates the establishment of the VE List by the Ministers of the Environment and Health (the "Ministers"). The addition of HCBD marks the establishment of the VE List.

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Substances Management Information Line
Chemicals Management Plan
Gatineau, QC  K1A 0H3
Phone number: 1-800-567-1999 (in/au Canada) or/ou 819-938-3232
Fax number: 819-938-3231
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Canada Gazette Date published Volume and number
Part 1: 2003-08-16 Vol. 137, No. 33
Part 2: 2006-12-13 Vol. 140, No. 25

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