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Map of 12 Bird Conservation Regions (BCR) in Canada

There are 12 BCRs in Canada, several of which are divided into sub-regions. In all, 25 Canadian BCR Strategies have been prepared. For BCR names, descriptions and the completed BCR Strategies themselves, click on a BCR on the map below:

Map of 12 Bird Conservation Regions in Canada Region 3 – Arctic Plains and Mountains Region 4 – Northwestern Interior Forest Region 5 – Northern Pacific Rainforest Region 10 – Northern Rockies Region 9 – Great Basin Region 6 – Boreal Taiga Plains Region 11 – Prairie Potholes Region 7 – Taiga Shield and Hudson PlainsTaiga Shield and Hudson PlainsTaiga Shield and Hudson Plains Region 12 – Boreal Forest Transition Region 13 – Lower Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Plain Region 14 – Atlantic Northern Forests Region 8 – Boreal Softwood Sheild

Text Description for the Map

The map shows all of Canada, with Alaska, Greenland and the northern portion of the United States also appearing. Each of the 12 Canadian BCRs are displayed differently and indicating individual subregions (e.g. 3 PNR for the portion of BCR 3 in Prairie and Northern Region, 3 QC for the portion of this same BCR in Quebec Region). Individual BCR subregions are labelled on the map. BCRs 4, 5, 9 and 10 are mostly contained within Pacific and Yukon Region; BCRs 6 and 11 are mostly contained within Prairie and Northern Region; BCRs 3, 7 and 8 stretch across the northern parts of Prairie and Northern, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Regions (though BCR 3 does not extend south into Ontario); BCRs 12 and 13 mainly cover central and southern parts of Ontario and Quebec (respectively); and BCR 14 covers part of eastern Quebec and all the Maritime provinces in Atlantic Region. In addition, Marine Biogeographic Units are visible along the coasts.


Bird Conservation Regions and Conservation Strategies: the map

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