Table 4. RCO 12 Quebec

Table 4. Relative magnitude of identified threats to priority species within BCR 12-QC by threat category and broad habitat class. Overall ranks were generated through a roll-up procedure described in Kennedy et al. (2012). L represents Low Magnitude threats; M = Medium; H = High; VH = Very High. Blank cells indicate that no priority species had threats identified in the threat category/habitat combination.
Threat categoryConiferousDeciduousMixed woodShrub/early successionalCultivated and managed areasBare areasUrbanWetlandsWaterbodiesCoastalRiparianOverall
1. Residential & commercial developmentLLL---HML-MM
2. Agriculture & aquacultureMH-MVH--M---H
3. Energy production & miningL--------L-L
4. Transportation & service corridorsLM-LL-L---LL
5. Biological resource useHHHL-LLHMLHH
6. Human intrusions & disturbance-----M-----L
7. Natural system modifications---HMH-LM-MH
8. Invasive & other problematic species & genes-L-M---H---M
9. Pollution---LH--MLM-M
11. Climate change & severe weather----H-HH--MH
12. Other direct threatsLLLLLLLLL-LL

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