Climate and Historical Weather

Low lake water conditions.

Canadians have a great fascination with the weather. The extremes and seasonal contrasts we experience in this part of the world not only make great conversation starters but also give us some unique bragging rights. After all, we are often the country with the lowest average daily temperature, and the one with the capital city that has the greatest temperature range.

Whether you want to know about frequencies and trends in Canada’s weather systems or specific past events, Environment Canada offers a variety of different products and services related to climate and historical weather. You can satisfy your curiosity about the weather that has made headlines by browsing through our Top Ten Weather Stories, or get a historical perspective on our changing climate by learning about the climate cycle and trends.

In this section you can also link to the hurricane climatology site, where you’ll discover how the study of past tropical cyclones is sharpening our ability to forecast future storms, and you can unlock the mysteries of El Niño and its counterpart La Niña, whose cycles influence climate at home and around the world.

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