SAME Event Codes

Event Codes - Now Implemented
** Note: Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Warnings are also accompanied by a 1050 Hz warning tone to trigger basic tone alert receivers.
BZWBlizzard Warning
DSWDust Storm Warning
FSWFlash Freeze Warning
FZWFrost Warning
HUAHurricane Watch
HUWHurricane Warning
HWWHigh Wind Warning
SVASevere Thunderstorm Watch
SVR**Severe Thunderstorm Warning
TOATornado Watch
TOR**Tornado Warning
TRATropical Storm Watch
TRWTropical Storm Warning
WSAWinter Storm Watch
WSWWinter Storm Warning including...
Blowing Snow Warning
Freezing Drizzle Warning
Freezing Rain Warning
Snowfall Warning
Snow Squall Warning
??AUnrecognized Watch
??EUnrecognized Emergency
??SUnrecognized Statement
??WUnrecognized Warning
Event Codes - Now Being Tested
SMWSpecial Marine Warning
SVSSevere Weather Statement
TSATsunami Watch
TSWTsunami Warning
Required Weekly & Monthly Tests
** Note: Required Monthly Tests are also accompanied by a 1050 Hz warning tone to test basic tone alert receivers.
RMT**Required Monthly Test
RWTRequired Weekly Test
Event Codes - For Future Implementation
AVAAvalanche Watch
AVWAvalanche Warning
BHWBiological Hazard Warning
BWWBoil Water Warning
CAEChild Abduction Emergency
CDWCivil Danger Warning
CEMCivil Emergency
CFACoastal Flood Watch
CFWCoastal Flood Warning
CHWChemical Hazard Warning
CWWContaminated Water Warning
DBADam Watch
DBWDam Break Warning
DEWContagious Disease Warning
EANEmergency Action Notification
EATEmergency Action Termination
EQWEarthquake Warning
EVAEvacuation Watch
EVIImmediate Evacuation
FCWFood Contamination Warning
FFAFlash Flood Watch
FFSFlash Flood Statement
FFWFlash Flood Warning
FLAFlood Watch
FLSFlood Statement
FLWFlood Warning
FRWFire Warning
HLSHurricane Statement
HMWHazardous Materials Warning
HWAHigh Wind Watch
IBWIceberg Warning
IFWIndustrial Fire Warning
LAELocal Area Emergency
LEWLaw Enforcement Warning
LSWLand Slide Warning
NUWNuclear Power Plant Warning
POSPower Outage Statement
RHWRadiological Hazard Warning
SPSSpecial Weather Statement
SPWShelter In-Place Warning
TOE911 Telephone Outage Emergency
VOWVolcano Warning
WFAWild Fire Watch
WFWWild Fire Warning
Administrative Bulletins
ADRAdministrative Message
NATNational Audible Test
NICNational Information Centre
NMNNetwork Notification Message
NPTNational Periodic Test
NSTNational Silent Test
TXBTransmitter Backup On
TXFTransmitter Carrier Off
TXOTransmitter Carrier On
TXPTransmitter Primary On