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Severe Summer Weather

Play it safe

Outdoors, we are vulnerable to severe weather conditions. This is particularly true out in nature or in open areas. When enjoying outdoor sports or activities like camping, hiking, water sports, team sports, fishing, climbing, biking or even walking, we need to know the weather forecast and be aware of the possibility of a storm developing. We should also be able to recognize the early signs of bad weather and know how to protect ourselves. As a general rule, if the sky darkens suddenly, one should seek shelter as soon as possible.

The boat with two people on the lakePhotos: © - 2011

Lightning is the most common danger associated with storms. Lightning is an electrical discharge that can reach 10 000 amperes, striking the ground at about 40 000 km a second. It always seeks the easiest path to the ground. As soon as you see lightning or hear thunder you should find shelter. Storms also generate very strong winds, hail, heavy rain, and sometimes even tornadoes.

To be safe outdoors, you must be familiar with your immediate environment and the surrounding area. For example, by marking appropriate locations to take cover, you will be able to find shelter fast if the sky darkens and you notice thunder and lightning. Do not forget that a storm can develop very quickly and you need to be able to take cover in as little as 30 minutes.