Radar Visibility Maps in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

Individual station profiles are available by clicking on the map or the station list below.

This map shows a view of the radar sites located within the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. A defined circle with the radius of 50 km is drawn around each radar indicating our consultation zone.  Around each radar there is a coloured region indicating the locations where a turbine is visible to the radar. Major cities in the provinces are shown. An explanation on how to view this map can be found in the section “How to view the map”.

GoreMarion BridgeChipmanVal d'Irène

Environment Canada's radar stations in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia:

How to View the Map

The radar site locations are marked with a black dot. A green circle shows a 50 kilometre radius around the radar.  Inside this 50 kilometre ring, potential interference with the radar may exist and direct consultation is strongly suggested. Major roads and cities are indicated in dark blue.

The colour display surrounding the radar(s) represents whether wind turbine blades can be seen by the respective radar (in yellow) and if the wind turbine towers can be seen (in red). The visibility maps have been created for turbine models with turbine tower heights of 100 meters and blade lengths of 50 meters (for a total blade height of 150 meters). If any part of a turbine is visible to a weather radar, interference is expected, but if the turbine tower is visible (in red) more severe impacts may occur. Any region not covered by the colour display indicates that a wind turbine with a total height of 150 meters should not be visible to the radar. However, a turbine with a blade height greater than 150 meters may be seen and further analysis is necessary.