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Correlation of Sky Watchers to the Saskatchewan Science Curriculum – Grade 4 Predicting Weather

An X indicates that the chapter provides teacher information and/or student activities to support the teaching of the common essential learning or science foundational and learning objective.

Table 1. Common Essential Learnings
Common Essential Learnings1234567Supplement 1
To develop students' appreciation of the value and limitations of technology within society.    XXXX
To promote both intuitive, imaginative thought and the ability to evaluate ideas, processes, experiences and objects in meaningful contexts.XXXX  X 
Table 2. Science Foundational and Learning Objectives
Science Foundational and Learning Objectives1234567Supplement 1
1. Observe and describe weather conditions.XXXX  X 
1. Discover how weather systems develop.XX X  X 
2. Determine what information is recorded on weather maps X      
3. Identify instruments used to measure weather conditions.XXX   X 
4. Construct instruments to measure weather conditions. XX     
5. Record measurements made with weather instruments.XXX   X 
2. Predict weather patterns.      X 
1. Interpret information on weather maps. X      
2. Forecast weather based on cloud patterns.      X 
3. Interpret recorded data.X X   X 
4. Predict weather based on a number of different indicators.      X 
3. Appreciate the importance of weather.   XX   
1. Suggest some reasons why people rely on accurate weather information.    X   
2. Explain the importance of good weather to agriculture.        
3. Identify some hazards associated with bad weather.   X    
4. Describe some ways in which the weather affects human activity.   XX   
5. Describe some ways in which the weather affects other living things.        

This curriculum correlation was conducted by Curriculum Services Canada CSC, the Pan-Canadian standards agency for quality assurance in learning products and programs.

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