Severe Weather

Hail photo taken at Lower Fishing Lake, SK.
Hail stones the size of an apple and orange
© Enviroment Canada
Photo: Gerald Fremont

In Canada, extremes of weather are a safety threat year round. Few other countries have the range of weather conditions that we do, from tornadoes to blizzards, from ice storms to hurricanes. Environment Canada issues severe weather bulletins to alert Canadians when any of these hazards are approaching. Are any warnings in effect for your area today? Find out by checking our online bulletin board.

The summer weather event that most often triggers warnings is a severe thunderstorm. It can produce large hail, heavy rains, very strong winds, and -- on rare occasions -- tornadoes. Sometimes, all 4 of these can be produced by a single storm system.

Winter warnings are often issued for heavy snowfalls, strong winds, freezing rain, and high windchills. If 2 or more of these events are happening at the same time, we may issue a winter storm warning or a blizzard warning.

Ice Storm '98
Ice Storm of 1998
Image of tornado
© Environment Canada
Photo: Pat McCarthy
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