Wildlife Habitat

Habitat loss and degradation threaten the survival of wild species.

Environment Canada is committed to preserving wilderness areas that support healthy and diverse wildlife populations. It oversees a network of protected areas covering 12.4 million hectares of wildlife habitat – an area twice the size of Nova Scotia.

Discover more about Canadian habitat conservation efforts:

Protected Areas
Learn how Environment Canada works with other federal agencies, provincial and territorial governments, Aboriginal peoples, private organizations, and individuals to ensure that nationally important areas are protected.

Important Areas for Birds in Nunavut
Discover areas in Nunavut that are important for bird conservation, which species use each area, why it’s important and what threats may be impacting these areas.

Wetlands of Ontario
Learn about the ecological importance of wetlands and how the Great Lakes Wetlands Conservation Action Plan brought together various government and non-government partners in an effort to conserve and rehabilitate remaining wetlands in Ontario.

Habitat Joint Ventures
Learn about projects to protect bird populations and habitats.

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