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Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises

Construction worker and a business womanSmall- and Medium-sized Enterprises, commonly referred to as SMEs, collectively represent a very large portion of Canada's economy. There are nearly two million of these companies that employ six out of every ten working Canadians. Because there are so many SMEs in Canada, their total pollution and waste outputs have a significant effect on the environment. For this reason, it is important to effectively engage SME business owners, managers and workers in protecting the environment, while improving their economic performance.


Do you operate a small- or medium-sized business and are interested in implementing a pollution prevention project?

Try doing a sector search of the Canadian Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse (CPPIC) database to see what kind of options are available for your specific industry sector and business size. Select your category and sector and then refine your search with options to search by activity, information type, medium, subject, substance/issue, audience type, and type of pollution prevention (P2) on the "Sector Search – Criteria" page. To find documents that will be useful for your size of business or organization, select "Business or Organization – Small and Medium" in the "Audience Type" drop down menu.

Better yet, the CPPIC sector search option allows you to search the database for case studies documenting tried and tested pollution prevention projects implemented by SMEs. To search for case studies with application to your industry sector and business size, select your category and sector and then select "Case Studies/Research" in the "Information Type" drop down menu and "Business or Organization – Small and Medium" in the "Audience Type" drop down menu on the "Sector Search – Criteria" page.