North American Bird Banding manual - volume 1

The banding manual is the key reference for banders. It provides information on band types, sizes, numbering system, transferring bands and codes. The manual can be accessed on the USGS Bird Banding Lab website.

NABC training manuals

The North American Banding Council (NABC) is a non-profit group encompassing bird research organizations whose members use bird banding as a tool in ornithological research, conservation, and management. The mission of the NABC is to promote sound and ethical bird-banding practices and techniques. To accomplish this, the NABC has developed educational and training materials, including manuals on general banding techniques and techniques manuals for specialized taxonomic groups.

The NABC also offers bander certification at the bander and trainer levels. The banding office encourages banders to continue to develop their skills and become certified. Please visit the NABC website for more information and certification sessions near you.

The following manuals are available in English, French and Spanish and can be downloaded from the NABC website:

Reference materials

Banders and trainees should be familiar with a number of reference documents including (but not limited to):

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