Federal Identification Registry for Storage Tank Systems (FIRSTS)

The Federal Identification Registry for Storage Tank Systems (FIRSTS) is an online database where storage tank system owners enter information about their storage tank systems and receive an Environment Canada identification number. Storage tank systems that do not have a valid Environment Canada identification number displayed in a readily visible location on or near the storage tank system by June 13, 2010 may be refused product delivery. Environment Canada identification numbers are in the format EC-12345678.

The Storage Tank Systems for Petroleum Products and Allied Petroleum Products Regulations require that owners, not operators or installers, identify their storage tank systems to Environment Canada. One master account will be created in FIRSTS for each storage tank system owner (an organization or an individual).  The master account holder can then create sub-accounts and assign access permissions for other individuals as needed.

To obtain an account for the identification registry send an email request to TankRegistry_IDStockage@ec.gc.ca. Include the following information in the request:

1. Confirmation that the company, organization or individual owns storage tank systems that are subject to the Storage Tank Regulations. Information about the application of the Regulations can be found in Tank Tips 2 or in the Storage Tank Regulations.

2. The legal name of the company, organization or individual that owns storage tank systems that are subject to the Storage Tank Regulations. This name will be the name of the account in FIRSTS.

3. The name of the person who will coordinate the identification of storage tank systems for the company, organization or individual (the master account holder). Note that the person specified as the master account holder must confirm that the account request is valid if the request comes from a different individual. The name, contact information and e-mail address of the master account holder should be included.

To facilitate data collection this identification form can be used to gather the required information about storage tank systems prior to entering the data into FIRSTS. An Environment Canada identification number will be generated immediately upon submission. As an alternative to online submission storage tank system owners can send completed forms to Environment Canada for processing using the contact information on the last page of the form. Note that times for processing paper forms vary and owners will receive identification numbers more quickly when entering the information directly online. The form is meant to complement the FIRSTS database. If the information is entered online into FIRSTS there is no need to send the form to Environment Canada. Conversely, if a completed form is sent to Environment Canada there is no need to enter the information into FIRSTS.

The link for FIRSTS is https://www.ec.gc.ca/rfiss-firsts/secureprotege/LoginEntree.aspx.

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