Managing Science and Technology

Former Deputy Minister Michael Horgan touring Thompson Laboratories (Toronto)
Former Deputy Minister Michael Horgan touring Thompson Laboratories (Toronto)

Environment Canada's S&T is managed to achieve scientific excellence, develop federal S&T policies, and ensure the effectiveness of policy implementation. Strategic management also improves integration of science with partners in other federal departments and collaboration with science partners outside the Department including the academic or private sectors.

Managing Environment Canada's Science and Technology


Federal S&T Policy

Environment Canada’s Science Horizons Youth Internship Program

Environment Canada's Science Horizons Program is a collaborative effort with Canadian universities, the private sector and other non-government organizations which offer promising young scientists and post-secondary graduates hands-on experience working on environmental projects under the mentorship and coaching of experienced scientists and program managers. Read more about the program.

S&T Policy Links

"Environment Canada is carrying out high-calibre, on-target R&D that meets public priorities." This statement is based on evidence reported in a January 2010 publication Measuring Environment Canada’s R&D Performance.  Read more...