Managing Science and Technology

Environment Canada's Science Strategy

Science Strategy report coverEnvironment Canada’s Science Strategy 2014-2019 is a major milestone for the Department, as it represents a truly department-wide strategy for Environment Canada’s science. The Strategy sets out a vision, mission and principles that represent common goals across the entire Department to better integrate science into the decision-making process and delivery of the Departmental mandate.

Environment Canada's Science Strategy 2014-2019

Measuring Environment Canada's Research and Development Performance

Report cover Measuring Environment Canada's Research and Development Performance (2014)

Science is the foundation of Environment Canada’s work. Research and development (R&D) supports many of the Department’s science-based functions, including its legislative obligations, commitment to be a world class regulator, enforcement activities, weather services and policy development. R&D is an integral component of the Department’s science; as such, regular assessment is important.

The objective of this report is to provide an updated assessment of Environment Canada’s R&D performance. The report establishes baseline measures of R&D performance according to the principles of Environment Canada’s Science Strategy 2014-2019: Relevance, Transparency, Responsiveness, Excellence and Collaboration. Where possible, the report compares current and past performance, as assessed in the 2009 report Measuring Environment Canada’s Research and Development Performance.

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