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Banking for the Future


Profile picture of Birgit BrauneIs our environment improving or degrading? Are contaminant levels changing over time? Are regulations effective? Environmental Specimen Banks are assessment tools that answer questions for today and for the future. Long-term specimen archives can address unexpected environmental change and offer a powerful tool for environmental study.

Germany’s Federal Ministry for the Environment has produced two documentary videos featuring 23 specimen banking experts from around the world, including Environment Canada’s Dr. Birgit Braune (National Wildlife Specimen Bank) and Daryl McGoldrick (National Aquatic Biological Specimen Bank).

Profile picture of Daryl McGoldrickThe first video is an overview of specimen banks, the results they generate, and what they achieve for setting regulations and creating policy. The second provides more information on specimen banks around the world and calls for more global cooperation and integrated research. 

Environmental Specimen Banks - short version
(6 minutes)

Environmental Specimen Banks - long version
(23 minutes)


Further reading: Environment Canada's National Environmental Specimen Banks: Following a Chemical Trail from the Past

Contacts: Birgit Braune (613) 998-6694, Wildlife and Landscape Directorate; and Daryl McGoldrick (905) 336-4685, Water Science and Technology Directorate

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