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Research Associate – Department of Biology, Acadia University

Research Associate – Department of Biology, University of New Brunswick


Ph.D. (Breeding Dispersion and Territorial Behaviour of Lapwings), University of Aberdeen, 1982

M.Sc. Acadia University (1977); B.Sc. Queen's University, 1972

Canadian Wildlife Service Terrestrial Wildlife Biology Scholarship, 1975-76


Richard D. Elliot

Research Scientist - Director of Wildlife Research

Canadian Wildlife Service Office (Sackville, NB)

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Contributing to Environment Canada’s mandate to ensure that wildlife is conserved and protected

  • Providing a strong scientific basis for departmental decision-making across the wildlife programs
  • Providing leadership and support to research scientists and technical staff in Wildlife Research
  • Providing science advice and direction within Environment Canada's wildlife programs and among applied wildlife science and conservation partnerships
  • Supporting Environment Canada-university research partnerships


Chair, Maritimes Breeding Bird Atlas Steering Committee

Coordinator, Atlantic Cooperative Wildlife Ecology Research Network

Member, North American Bird Conservation Initiative Canada Council

Member, Sea Duck Joint Venture Management Board


Calvert, A. M., D. L. Amirault, F. Shaffer, R. Elliot, A. Hanson, J. McKnight and P. D. Taylor. 2006. Population assessment of an endangered shorebird: the Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus melodus) in eastern Canada. Avian Conservation and Ecology - Écologie et conservation des oiseaux 1(3): 4.

R.J. Milko, H.L. Dickson, R.D. Elliot and G. M. Donaldson. 2003. Wings Over Water: Canada’s Waterbird Conservation Plan. Can. Wildl. Serv. Spec. Publ., Environment Canada, Ottawa, 28pp.

Rowe, S., I.L. Jones, J.W. Chardine, R.D. Elliot and B.G. Veitch. 2000. Recent changes in the winter diet of murres (Uria spp.) in coastal Newfoundland waters. Can. J. Zool. 78:495-500.

Elliot, R.D. and D.G. Bliss. 2000. The Canadian Wildlife Service Strategic Plan 2000-2010 – the path forward for Environment Canada’s conservation program. Can. Wildl. Serv. Spec. Publ., Ottawa, 16pp.

Elliot, R.D. (ed) 1997. Conservation issues for North American sea ducks – a concept paper for a Sea Duck Joint Venture under the North American Waterfowl Management Plan. Can. Wild. Serv., USFWS and US Geol. Surv. Report, 36pp.

Gaston, A.J. and R.D. Elliot. 1996. Predation by Ravens Corvus corax on Brunnich's Guillemot Uria lomvia eggs and chicks and its possible impact on breeding site selection. Ibis 138:742-748.

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