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Adjunct Professor, Dalhousie University, Halifax NS

Member of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS)

Member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS)


Dr. Andrew Thomson Prize in Applied Meteorology, 1992 (CMOS)

Patterson Distinguished Service Medal for distinguished service to Meteorology in Canada, 2003

Prize in Applied Oceanography, 2006, CMOS


Harold (Hal) Ritchie

Senior Scientist - Environmental Numerical Prediction Research

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Research and development for numerical modelling systems for emerging environmental prediction

  • Collaborative multidisciplinary research and development for more comprehensive environmental prediction
  • Coupled atmosphere-ocean-ice modelling
  • Numerical methods for atmospheres and oceans
  • Coupled atmosphere-ocean data assimilation
  • Technology transfer from research to operations


Senior scientist and supervisor for the environmental prediction (water) group

Senior scientist for the National Laboratory for Marine and Coastal Meteorology

Lead EC scientist for the Canadian Operational Network of Coupled Environmental Prediction Systems (CONCEPTS)

Co-Principal Investigator for the Global Atmosphere-Ocean Prediction and Predictability network


Bobanovic, J., K.R. Thompson, S. Desjardins and H. Ritchie. 2006. Forecasting storm surges along the east coast of Canada and the North-eastern United States: The storm of 21 January 2000. Atmos-Ocean. 44(2):151-161.

Fogarty, C.T., R.J. Greatbatch and H. Ritchie. 2006. The role of anomalously warm sea surface temperatures on the intensity of Hurricane Juan (2003) during its approach to Nova Scotia. Mon. Wea. Rev. 134:1484-1504.

Pellerin, P., H. Ritchie, F.J. Saucier, F. Roy, S. Desjardins, M. Valin and V. Lee. 2004. Impact of a two-way coupling between an atmospheric and an ocean-ice model over the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Mon. Wea. Rev. 132:1379-1398.

Ritchie, H., C. Temperton, A. Simmons, M. Hortal, T. Davies, D. Dent and M. Hamrud. 1995. Implementation of the semi-Lagrangian method in a high resolution version of the ECMWF forecast model. Mon. Wea. Rev. 123:489-514.

Ritchie, H. and C. Beaudoin. 1994. Approximations and sensitivity experiments with a baroclinic semi-Lagrangian spectral model. Mon. Wea. Rev. 122:2391-2399.

Ritchie, H. 1991. Application of the semi-Lagrangian method to a multilevel spectral primitive equations model. Quart. J. Roy. Meteor. Soc. 117:91-106.

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          Sea ice modelling
Weather & Meteorology
          Atmospheric circulation
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