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Member, Interim Sediment Quality Guidelines Sub Group of the CCME Water Quality Task Group (ISQG sub group)

Member, Inter-governmental Ecotoxicological Testing Group (IGETG)

Member, Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry


Ph.D. Biology, University of Waterloo

B.Sc. Biology, University of Toronto

Citation of Excellence, Technical & Program Support, 2002, NWRI, Environment Canada


Warren Norwood

Research Scientist - Invertebrate Toxicology, Priority Substances Project

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Generation of new knowledge on the effects of metals on aquatic life for the purposes of environmental assessment, protection and remediation, in support of policies and programs of Environment Canada

  • Metal bioaccumulation and toxicity in aquatic invertebrates
  • Metal mixture effects: Toxicity and risk assessment
  • Sediment and risk assessment


25 years experience in metal toxicity to aquatic organisms

Developed a metal mixture effects addition model for the prediction of impact at multi-metal contaminated sites

Investigating the relationship between exposure, bioaccumulation and toxicity of selenium and vanadium to Hyalella azteca

Validation of bioaccumulation/toxicity relationships of metal mixtures with exposures to sediments from contaminated sites across Canada


Norwood, W.P., U. Borgmann and D.G. Dixon. 2007. Interactive effects of metal mixtures on bioaccumulation in the amphipod Hyalella azteca. Aquatic Toxicology. 84:255-267.

Norwood, W.P., U. Borgmann and D.G. Dixon. 2007. Chronic toxicity of arsenic, cobalt, chromium and manganese to Hyalella azteca in relation to exposure and bioaccumulation. Environmental Pollution. 147:262-272.

Norwood, W.P., U. Borgmann and D.G. Dixon. 2006. Saturation models of Arsenic, Cobalt, Chromium and Manganese bioaccumulation by Hyalella azteca. Environmental Pollution. 143:519-528.

Norwood, W.P. 2007. Metal mixture toxicity to Hyalella azteca: Relationships to body concentrations. PhD dissertation, accepted 10 Dec. 2007. pp. i-xiii, 1-172. Ottawa : Library and Archives Canada = Bibliothèque et Archives Canada.

Norwood, W.P., U. Borgmann, D.G. Dixon and A. Wallace. 2003. Effects of metal mixtures on aquatic biota: A review of observations and methods. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment. 9(4):795-811.

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Nature & Wildlife
     Effects of Toxics
          Ecological risk assessment
          Heavy metals
     Great Lakes
          Water quantity
     Water Quality
          Bioassays, biomarkers
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