Air pollution issues

Acid rain, smog, transboundary air, ozone layer, contaminants, pollutants, heavy metals, toxics.

Services and information

Acid rain

Acid deposition, pollutants, effects, history, linkages, activities, frequently asked questions.

Acid rain history

Acidification, emissions, domestic agreements, acid pollutants, pollution, strategy.

Reduce acid rain

Activities, Canada’s response, future actions, response instruments, committees.


Gases, particles, haze, effects, pollutants, levels, health, environment, history, winter smog.

Smog history

Mixture of smoke and fog, ozone, management programs, particulate matter, effects, pollutants.

Transboundary air

Air quality, concerns, notification, international, agreement, strategy, Canada-United States.

Ozone layer

Regulatory information, depletion, impacts, climate change and protection of the ozone layer.

Linkages with other issues

Emissions, precursors, production pathways, meteorological processes, climate change, mercury.


Overview of pollution issues

What we are doing

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