Acts, Regulations and Agreements

First established by the Department of the Environment Act in 1971, Environment and Climate Change Canada's role is to assess, monitor and protect the environment, and to provide weather and meteorological information to keep Canadians informed and safe.

Environment and Climate Change Canada's acts outline the Department's obligations and authorities to conduct and publish research, monitor and publish environmental indicators, make rules to protect the environment, and consult with partners. Environment and Climate Change Canada administers or shares responsibility for over two dozen Acts addressing issues as diverse as pollution prevention, weather modification, wildlife protection and emergency management.

The Department uses a wide range of tools to promote environmental stewardship – from regulations and other enforceable instruments to voluntary partnerships with individuals, organizations, and other levels of government.

Continually striving for regulatory excellence is at the core of Environment and Climate Change Canada's approach to protecting our environment today and for future generations. This means:

  • Making decisions based on the best evidence;
  • Using the most effective tools to reach objectives;
  • Using these tools efficiently to minimize public costs;
  • Transparently seeking advice from all partners; and
  • Adapting our approach when new information or objectives come to light.

What are we doing?

As a department, Environment and Climate Change Canada is responsible for the following:

All of the government's acts and regulations can be found on the Justice Canada website.

For More Information

To learn about upcoming or ongoing consultations on proposed federal regulations, visit the Canada Gazette and Consulting with Canadians websites.

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